Get your mobile app created
even if you're a non-techie, time-strapped solopreneur who wanted their app yesterday

The easiest way to get a custom looking mobile app in just weeks, not months, without sacrificing your next vacation with our Semi-Custom Business Apps

Almost 75% of Americans check their mobile phone AT LEAST ONCE PER HOUR, but only 1 in 5 small businesses have a mobile app

and those cutting-edge entrepreneurs are reaping benefits you only dream of

IMAGINE IF YOU were sending UNLIMITED push messages (notifications) to UNLIMITED customers and clients WORLDWIDE at NO ADDITIONAL COST to you (or your app users) with an 90% average open rate within 3 MINUTES!

IMAGINE IF YOU were offering ONE CLICK ACCESS to your social media profiles, groups, web pages, and more without your customer or client having to remember a URL!

IMAGINE IF YOU were offering INCREDIBLE EXPERIENCES to your event attendees by handing them full turn-by-turn directions to area restaurants, hotels, and ATTENDEE DIRECTORIES!

IMAGINE IF YOU'RE ideal clients were getting DAILY EXPOSURE to YOUR BRAND and CREATING LOYALTY FAST just by scrolling past your mobile app EVERY TIME they open their phone!

3 Frustratingly Looooong and Emotionally Exhaustive Ways to Get Your Mobile App Developed

Learn to Code Yourself

This is a GREAT option if you are technologically savvy, jargon like SDK & API don't scare you away, you have MONTHS and MONTHS (maybe YEARS?) of time to devote to learning how to code well enough to produce results you are happy with BEFORE YOU EVER PUBLISH.

Hire a Custom App Development Firm 

This is a GREAT way to go if you have an AVERAGE of $15k to spend PER PLATFORM, have visions of highly custom interactive functions to include, and you have MONTHS to spend managing a team of developers

DIY it Using an App-Builder

This is a GREAT option if you will weed through all the app-builders available, find one that does everything you need, have enough TIME to learn how to BUILD and DESIGN the app, and are enough of a techie to make the API connections, and AFTER ALL THAT WORK pay for your developer licenses AND PAY MORE for the app-builder to remove THEIR LOGO from YOUR business app!

Almost 90% of the time your ideal client spends on their phone is devoted to using apps

Differentiate yourself from every other coach and build your brand and recognition by BEING VISIBLE to your customer AT ALL TIMES.

Instantly create a DIRECT MARKETING CHANNEL for flash sales and promotions of every kind through UNLIMITED PUSH NOTIFICATIONS worldwide at NO ADDITIONAL COST to you or your customers!

Create VALUE for your customers by providing APP-ONLY CONTENT or one-click convenient ACCESS TO YOUR MEMBERSHIP site through your app.

Skyrocket customer ENGAGEMENT by providing ways to ask for help, leave feedback, connect on social media, and more at their fingertips!

The Top 2 Misinformed Reasons Entrepreneurs Avoid Getting a Mobile App

  • They don't have a big enough following who will download it right away.

    You are not trying to create the next ANGRY BIRDS, you are creating an app for your existing customers and IMPROVING THEIR EXPERIENCE with your brand.

    Your ideal clients are hanging out in mobile apps now, why wait to start growing your user-base?!

    50% of the downloads from the app stores are made off of personal recommendations from family and friends, give your clients an app to recommend!

  • They don't have enough money.

    Most of the coding you’ll need for your business app is already pre-written and just waiting to be used in YOUR app which cuts down the cost dramatically.

    A business app can now COST LESS than a day at the spa and the online course you don’t really need that you were eyeing the other day!

Choosing the Wrong Development Route
Can Do More Harm than Good


A mobile business app will be a POWERFUL AMBASSADOR for your business, but only IF YOU STILL HAVE A BUSINESS after it's published.

Please don't spend the average $30k hiring an app development firm for a custom iOS and Android app if it will put your business IN DEBT and cause you to have a NERVOUS BREAKDOWN every time you think about it.

Learning to code your own mobile app is AWESOME if that's your ZONE OF GENIUS, otherwise you are ROBBING your business of possible sales and EXPONENTIAL GROWTH as you SQUANDER your time struggling to learn a skill that does not really benefit your business.

App-building software provide AMAZING opportunities for fully-functioning CUSTOM APPS, but you're LOSING SALES as you waste your time learning a software you'll only use once.

I Can SAVE YOU Time, Money, and
Hair Pulling Episodes of Frustration

Hey! I’m Caroline and I used to be in the EXACT same place you are!

I needed an app to move the vision for my business forward, and I was STUCK WITHOUT $15K to put towards developing an app (that's the AVERAGE cost PER PLATFORM!), so, I do what I do best....RESEARCH and LEARN how to do it myself!

I looked into all the ways I could get my app WITHOUT sacrificing my children's college education and...

I created my OWN MOBILE APP and now I help other solopreneurs and small business owners do the same for a fraction of what the other guys charge...

I'm like the Fairy Godmother of Business Apps. 🙂

3 Brutally Honest Reasons You Can Trust Me

I'm a perfectionist.

I hate it when things don't go the right way or something goes wrong, so I do EVERYTHING IN MY POWER to make sure that your app is what you envisioned and the creating process is fun, not stressful.

I don't know how to code.

Gasp! What?! That's right, I learned how to create an app for myself and clients without learning how to code, instead I focused on learning software to build the apps and how to create a good user experience, so your user will WANT to USE YOUR APP AGAIN AND AGAIN. I use two of the most robust app-building platforms available today.

I won't work with everyone.

I have told clients that I can't help them, if I knew I couldn't meet their needs. I have told clients about other solutions that met their needs better, which cost me business, but that's part of who I am and how I do business, I want to see YOU succeed and be delighted with YOUR PUBLISHED APP.

I LOVE working with solopreneurs who think having their own app is only possible in fairytales, and then showing them how THEY CAN HAVE THEIR APP NOW, even if that occasionally means they don't get it through me.

See What Our Amazing Clients Have to Say

One of my favorite things is getting to SHOW YOU the REAL POSSIBILITIES of what your app can do for your business, and see you BURST OUT SMILING!

Chantelle Adams

This is AMAZING and girl I just watched the app video you sent me and I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO excited to do this with you, it is a HECK YEAH sign me up…honestly you do things SO well…I was blown away and this will make the Shine Live experience SO amazing!!!!! xoxox

Chantelle Adams, Shine Live (live event)
Kim Mallory

WOW! This is SO AMAZING!! I can’t wait to make that part of our offerings for the ladies in our network!!! SO MANY POSSIBILITIES!!!

Kim Mallory, Pink Stiletto Network
Desiree Sher

OMG!!! I am BLOWN AWAY!!! I LOVE IT ALL!!! …The texting was going to cost me $40US a month for US and $40 a month for Canadian messages. With the US exchange rate that makes it over $100 US a month so I haven’t done anything. What you are offering me is a HUGE gift.

Desiree Sher, Life Coach

4 Statistically-Validated Ways a Mobile App Could Change Your Business

(for the better)

IMAGINE YOU are THE ONE out of five small businesses that has an app to offer helpful content and complete convenience to your clients, so instead of your clients having to remember your URL, Facebook profile, and more, they just open your app and it's all at their fingertips.

IMAGINE YOUR CLIENT seeing YOUR BRAND as their fingertips tripped over your app icon EVERY TIME they opened their phone EVERY DAY. The average person only has 26 apps on their phone, so they'll be seeing A LOT of you!

IMAGINE YOUR app notifications sharing breaking news, special offers, new promotions, webinar reminders, or daily inspirational messages that are read within 3 MINUTES of being sent and a slew of loyal users are clamoring for more.

IMAGINE YOU are receiving some of the 50 BILLION DOLLARS in in-app PURCHASES that are estimated to occur this year alone by selling your programs and services.

IMAGINE REACHING MORE WITH YOUR MESSAGE because your app makes sharing easy, cool, and makes you look pretty awesome too.

How Semi-Custom Apps Work

Choose an app template as your starting point:

Choose how to customize your app with upgrades:

  • Custom Menu Icons

    Choose from thousands of icons to add throughout your app.

  • Custom Backgrounds

    Add custom backgrounds to your app.

  • Add Social Media Profiles

    Add your social media profiles and timelines in your app including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google Plus, Pinterest

  • Add More Functionality

    Add to what’s offered in the app template…add another webpage link, the podcast bundle, a second blog feed, etc. Customize the functionality to YOUR business.

  • Connect Your App with Your Google Analytics Account

    See your app analytics in your Google Analytics dashboard (you also get detailed analytics in your app dashboard that we provide)

  • Custom Menu Structure

    Add sub-menus and adjust menu items to fit your content.

Every App We Create Includes

  • Native App Published in Apple & Google Play App Stores

    A fully functioning native app for iOS and Android. We submit your app to the app stores FOR YOU!

  • App Planning Worksheets, Checklists, and Trainings

    We help you plan your app before creating it, so you can ensure good experiences for your users and a seamless creation process.

  • CMS Dashboard Access & Training

    You will receive access to your own dashboard where you can edit your app’s content (and see those updates LIVE within 30 minutes of updating!), schedule & send push messages, and check your analytics. We provide full step-by-step video training for the CMS dashboard.

  • Preview Your App on Your Own Phone

    You will preview your app on your own phone! You can click through and take all of the areas of your app for a test drive! This preview uses the SAME CODING as your published app will use, eliminating the need to do separate testing before publishing.

  • Upgrades Available

    We offer upgrade options such as custom icons, custom backgrounds, and additional functionality.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q.What are push messages or notifications?

    A.Push messages are AMAZING, you can send unlimited messages to unlimited users WORLDWIDE at no additional cost to you (or them)! They appear on your users’ phone even if they do not have the app open. You can schedule the message to go out ahead of time.  You can create categories that users can opt in to receive. Messages are limited to 140 characters, text only.

  • Q.Can I charge users a monthly subscription fee for my app?

    A.Unfortunately, I cannot support subscription apps, so it would need to be a one-time fee to purchase your app through the app stores or a free app. Keep in mind, that you can have an area of your app be password protected, so only those who have membership with you can have access after you give the password. Once a user has the password though, they have access. You can change the password, but doing so would require a store update which means up to 10 days for it to be active in both app stores.

    I suggest using free apps to make sharing the app easy, but if you choose to charge for your app, the app stores will charge 30% of the purchase price.

  • Q.Does my website need to be complete?

    A.Although it’s helpful to know your branding and have a complete website before creating your app, it’s not a necessity. You will want to use your brand colors and possibly connect to some of your webpages within that app, which makes have a website helpful, but apps can always be updated and revised if needed.

  • Q.How do people usually market their app?

    A.You can market it in the same way that you do anything else. You can focus and work on ASO (App Store Optimization, similar to SEO for websites) by choosing good keywords. (I share more resources about this when you get to the point of submitting for publishing.)

    Statistics show that 63% of people find apps through app store searches, but then the next category is 50% are through family/friends. I suggest you focus on finding good keywords and publishing information, then sharing with your clients. If it’s a free app, then it’ll be easy for your clients to share with their friends. You can easily share your at at any speaking presentations you give, include links on your website and in your marketing materials.

  • Q.When does the hosting start? What does it include?

    A.Your app hosting and maintenance fees start when you are ready to submit for publishing. Your app’s code will be automatically updated to comply with an future changes the app stores require without you having to worry about (or pay) for a thing.

  • Q.How will I update my app content?

    A.You will have access to a client management dashboard where you will be able to update most of your app content on your own and see the changes LIVE on your apps within 30 minutes.

  • Q.Can I add functionality to my app after it's published?

    A.Yes, we can always add functionality in the future.

  • Q.Do I own the app source code?


  • Q.I have an idea for an app, but I don't see it listed above?

    A.If you have an idea for an app that will require custom coding, you can contact me to discuss it. Custom coding work is not included in this offer.

  • Q.How can you offer an app at such an affordable price?

    A.I use an app-building software which substantially speeds up the development process by using reliable pre-written code. I absolutely LOVE creating win/win situations where I can help solopreneurs reach for their dreams as I strive to reach mine, this is one way I am trying to create a win/win situation with you.

Check Out Some of the Semi-Custom Apps
We've Created for Clients

Event Template with Added Functionality
and Custom Menu Icons

Chantelle runs a 3 day live event for women entrepreneurs and wanted a way to connect members and easily share event information such as schedule, local restaurants, etc.

Chantelle's app features attendees in a searchable directory, a full schedule of events, push notifications by category, direct access to the FB group, travel planning information, over 40 local restaurants with turn-by-turn directions, links to their website and one-click calling, and more!

We even created an online questionnaire to easily gather the attendee and speaker information.

Coaching Template with Social Media + Added Functionality and Custom Design

Desiree wanted a way to send text messages to her clients without spending an arm and a leg.

With her app she can now send UNLIMITED push messages to clients GLOBALLY and included even more features that simple text messaging couldn't offer.

Coaching Template with Social Media + Added Functionality

Kim runs a network of local entrepreneurs and wanted a way to connect members and easily share her network.

Kim's app features members in a searchable directory, includes a Member Marketplace, listing of events with directions, and more!

We even created an online questionnaire to easily gather the directory information from each member.

Do you prefer nightmares or fairy tales?

You could choose the NIGHTMARE ROUTE to getting an app for LESS than day at the spa:

Countless hours (and numerous hair-pulling episodes)
learning how to build it YOURSELF on an app-building platform
$299 to remove the app-building platform's logo
1-2 weeks wait time & $99/year for Apple’s developer license (if in your company name)
$25 for Google’s developer license
AND $59+/month hosting

But why when the FAIRY TALE ROUTE is just a click away?

Give me your trust and dreams, and I'll BUILD YOUR APP
BRANDED to your business ONLY!
You learn how to update your app's content whenever you want using our video tutorials
I'll submit your app for publishing within days of your final approval using my developer licenses
AND $39/month hosting and maintenance of your app
using the app-builder's trusted and proven infrastructure



We have 3 spots each month,
will YOU snag one before they're gone?!

Click the images above to see a listing of what comes standard in each template.

  • 1

    Simply choose a template to start from.

    Look over what comes standard in our coaching, event, and podcast templates and choose your starting point. All of our templates are great stand-alone apps that will be sure to impress.
    Click the images above to see a listing of what comes standard in each template.

  • 2

    Decide on social media & additional functionality upgrades

    Think about if your app would benefit from being connected with your social media profiles, or if you need additional functionality than what is offered in the template. (These can always be added later, if you so choose.)

  • 3

    Decide on custom design upgrades

    Don't want just a SEMI-custom app? Customize it all the way with custom design through the use of menu icons, menu structure, page backgrounds,and your app icon.

  • 4

    Purchase, Create & Publish your app!

    Once you place your order, you'll receive the App Development Agreement and your app demo. We'll tweak the app as needed, and then you will finish adding in the app's content using the CMS Dashboard. When you are ready, we will submit the app to the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, and you will have your very own mobile app!


  • NATIVE custom app for iOs & Android ("A native mobile app is a smartphone application that is coded in a specific programming language, such as Objective C for iOS and Java for Android operating systems. Native mobile apps provide fast performance and a high degree of reliability."
  • Published in both Apple & Google Play Stores
  • Dashboard to update your content, send push messages, and check your analytics
  • DISCOUNTED hosting and maintenance of your app (App-building platforms charge up to $89+/month, but we are on a mission to make apps possible for every business and host for only $39/month!)

Still have questions? Email me at